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Internet Security- Keeping You Safe

Safeguarding what’s valuable to you – whether your online information, cellphone content, or third part vendors addresses and account numbers – is everyone’s concern. At S. Davis & Associates, CPA, we employ the latest cybersecurity technology, good internet hygiene, and vigilance to maintain our firm’s and our client’s privacy and security. We also aid clients in securing their computing systems and data so that it arrives to us intact and unaltered.

We Promote Total Safety

Our business is ready to provide our clients with secure in-person or fully digital services. We employ contemporary, fully updated and maintained computer systems on secure cloud servers. Our backup systems prevent data loss or any success from ransomware attacks because we always maintain up to date copies of our and your data.

As we exchange data with you, your transmissions to us are secured with end-to-end encryption. We utilize DocuSign to protect the content and anonymity of sensitive data and personally identifiable information.

Our website and your login is protected by two-step authentication and Captcha to keep hackers out.


Most important for our business safety and your data protection is the practice of good internet hygiene, a foundation for all cyber security success. We maintain a schedule of professional development in information assurance for not only IT but all staff so that good habits are maintained and new ones developed. We keep abreast of threats to businesses like ours or those that could attack us from our clients or vendors.

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We share with our clients our individual commitment to avoiding risky internet behavior – clicking on email attachments, sharing logins, reusing passwords, leaving information on computer screens unattended or unlocked, even failing to secure physical files behind lock and key at all times. These measures help us and you keep data private.

We Support Your Safety

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Our consultants will visit and assess your location for general security measures that can affect your data, record-keeping and accounting. We can suggest affective ways you can increase your information security. A few upgrades to bookkeeping and record-keeping practices can also increase the security and integrity of your records and those we subsequently prepare for you.

Take this simple check-up to gauge your cyber hygiene at work, on mobile devices, and even at home!

Do you click on attachments from people you know well without checking the email or URL source?

Not checking attachments, email and URL addresses for irregularities can lead to malware and viruses. Taking a second to do this can save data and prevent breaches.

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How frequently do you surf shopping or popular entertainment sites at work or using mobile devices of work servers?

Shopping sites can inadvertently carry adware or malware links among those affiliated with the site. They can often enter mobile phones through malware.

How often do you connect to vendor networks? Have you surveyed their security features to ensure that connections to their sites remain secure and that vendors securely store your data?

Many of our business-to-business connections may not be as secure as we think. Vendors with outdated software or computers make not only themselves but others they connect to vulnerable to attack.

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